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Why Patients Should Pay Doctors Directly

If you want to find the very best doctor for your shoulder problem (or any medical problem for that matter) you won’t find much helpful information by calling your insurance company or even your regular doctor in most instances.  Why?  Well, it’s the same reason why no real problems are solved in our political system; […]

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Unstable Shoulder Current Concepts

#1: Unstable shoulder explained. #2: Our goal is to give an up to date definition an understanding of what is unstable shoulder and hopefully provide some anatomic correlates to contributors of shoulder instability.  We will also review diagnostic keys we utilized in preparing for effective surgical repair.  And of course will review many different aspects […]

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Trust but Verify: Take the Time to Find the Best Doctor for You Personally

Trust Your Doctor? Choosing a doctor to help you navigate the increasingly complex world of health care can be incredibly difficult and unfortunately sometimes hazardous to your health.  We all imagine physicians in general to be like Marcus Welby and deserving of our trust, but are also increasingly faced with the knowledge that there is […]

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The Correct Diagnosis is Paramount-Get a Second, Third, or Fourth Opinion if Needed

A recent article highlights the fact that athletes at the highest level often seek multiple evaluations and opinions prior to determining the best course of treatment.   Seeking a second opinion may be a great idea for everyone.    While seeking out an experienced shoulder specialist for a shoulder problem is a good start, experience, ability, and options for […]

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Skill Matters: The Surgeon IS The Method

  A landmark study recently published in the New England Journal of Medicine (  raises some excellent points and provides patients looking for the best possible outcomes, more evidence that surgeon skill is directly correlated with outcomes.  An excellent article expounding on some of the implications of this study, including an interview with the study […]

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Specialist Starts Treatment with Accurate Diagnosis

  A shoulder specialist starts with diagnosis An accurate diagnosis identifying the cause of your shoulder pain should be the shoulder specialist first priority. Successful treatment of shoulder pain really depends on identifying the cause of your shoulder pain-often there are several causes, not just one. A shoulder specialist can not only help provide an accurate diagnosis […]

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Multiple Reasons and Strategies for Optimal Function

Shoulder Health is a complex topic and pain around the shoulder girdle can come from multiple sources. A recent post by Cressey Performance speaks to the complex challenge of keeping shoulders healthy for the professional athlete, the weekend athlete, and for everyone in general. The shoulder is the most mobile joint in the human body […]

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Find the Correct Diagnosis

Shoulder Pain Shoulder pain – This can be difficult at all levels including professional athletes- highlighted with the recent episode involving professional pitcher Stephen Strasburg.  For overhead sports like baseball, the margin of error can be very small and a benign appearing shoulder pain can quickly become a career ending injury. Nerves are ultimately responsible […]

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The Right Decision for Surgery

Shoulder Pain Surgery – The Right Decision for Shoulder Pain Shoulder pain surgery should not be taken lightly because the shoulder is the most complex joint in the body. Rather than just one joint the entire set of muscles, nerves, and joints involved in moving our upper extremities is called the shoulder complex. Shoulder pain […]

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Injuries-Broken Bones

An excellent recent article nicely reviews current thinking for collarbone (clavicle) fractures.  Treatment of many shoulder girdle fractures (broken bones) has followed a cyclical or pendulum trajectory in thinking every decade.  More recently with the advent of many new developments for surgical treatment, there has been renewed excitement for surgical treatment for both surgeons and […]

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